Co-working: Not Just Spaces but Also Technologies

In recent years, a phenomenon has shown that members of coworking space not only co-work but co-innovate products and services. By working in an open and creative environment, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises co-create new opportunities for business development. Behind the co-innovation and co-creation, digital technology plays an essential role to facilitate mutual engagement in the co-working environment. As the number of the member and co-working spaces increases rapidly, the secret of the co-innovating and value co-creation brought by digital technology is of increasing importance. It is about technology Google Campus (the Campus), a co-working sp

The Myth of Co-working in Co-working Spaces

In the latest decade, a new working form—co-working, has become popular in startup communities as well as Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The number of co-working spaces increases rapidly and it has been forecast by digital media company, deskmag, that about 19,000 spaces and 1.7 million people will be working in these spaces around the world by the end of 2018. Why co-working space? You may want to ask: what is so fashionable about co-working spaces? Before answering this question, it is essential to know the definition of co-working spaces. Although the concept is still new and has not been well defined, two types of co-working spaces can now be recognised. First, pure co-worki

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