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Images of disruption in a Digital Age
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Gold Award: LawBot

Rebecca Agliolo, Jozo Maruscak, Ludwig Bull

If it is true that the least accessible industries are those most in need of disruption, then the legal profession is well overdue for change. Any of us might have to deal with the law, but not many of us have the training to face it on its own terms. If somebody is unsure whether they might be the victim of a crime, they need to deal with the law through an advisor, and such legal advice can be expensive, unclear, or entirely inaccessible.

Silver Award: 3D Doctor

Yin Chang, Xuezi Ma


Traditional healthcare systems cannot provide effective work for large amount of population nowadays. It takes a whole day for us to go to the hospital, wait in a long line to register, and finally see a doctor. In addition, people live in remote areas cannot receive health care services due to challenges of transportation. Our (Disruptive, Digitized, and Diagnosis) 3D Doctor is a proposed healthcare system, which helps patients self-report their health conditions to the cloud, have immediately diagnosis from doctors and experts, and get customized medicine at where the patients are.

Bronze Award: Connected Car

Samsurin Welch 

One area that is feeling the effects of digital disruption is the automotive and mobility sector. In many ways, the automobile has accelerated the growth of our economies and daily lives. Mobility means that people can travel to work or school, and that goods can travel between businesses, markets and consumers. Economic prosperity also unshackles us from a purely utilitarian view of transportation. Increase of standards of living enables us to travel for pleasure, be it a jaunt to the cinema, or long road-trip into the mountains. Even our beloved pets may relish joyrides every once in a while, although perhaps not if the destination involves a vet.

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