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Browse through our range of videos. If you see something you would like to discuss further get in touch.

Research Impact and Contributions to Knowledge (RICK) workshop

Prof Michael Barrett chats with Prof Elizabeth Davidson.

Prof Michael Barrett chats with Susan Scott and Markus Zachariadis.

Prof Michael Barrett chats with Prof Bob Hinings and Prof Eivor Oborn.

Prof Michael Barrett chats with Prof Samer Faraj and Stella Pachidi.

Prof Michael Barrett chats with Prof Yolande Chan.

CDI intern research

CDI intern Steffen Dreher presents his research on ESG and carbon neutrality strategies.

CDI intern Teki Tetteh-Wright presents her research on the role of carbon offsetting in decarbonisation.

Other topics of interest

Clarivate Analytics discuss the key challenges in research today with Professor Michael Barrett

Professor Michael Barrett on re-imagining financial inclusion through mobile.

Professor Michael Barrett was a keynote speaker at a workshop on Organising for Digital Innovation in Amsterdam

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